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  Thursday - November 23, 2017 - 12:11 PM  
High Performance Green Energy Package
Would you purchase a stock with out researching its quality and performance?

Would you purchase a home without researching its quality and performance?

The purchase of a home is one of the single largest investments we make in our life.

Think about it.

Building Feature Benefit to You
Exceeds requirements for government tax credit Homes exceed the minimum energy requirements of the Department of Energy by 50%
(I.E Energy Star only exceeds the min DOE by 15%).
Properly sized HVAC equipment More efficient & cost effective
Water heater circulating pump Insulated lines in the slab and provides instant hot water at scheduled peek times. Saves time and money.
Dual glazed windows with Low-E high performance glass Heat stays in during winter, out in summer
Building Feature Benefit to You
90% efficiency gas heating system Trane 19 I 17.25 to19.25 Seer.
Dual Compressor Veritable speed air conditioning system with 10 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
Save money, comes with longer warranties and have fewer maintenance problems
All Ducting is in conditioned space No competing with attic temperatures, no wasted energy or drawing attic air into house
Mastic-sealed ducts Allows for installation of smaller equipment & reduced energy bills
Building Feature Benefit to You
Full encapsulation of the building with open cell foam insulation Better heating & cooling efficiency & more comfortable
Open cell foam insulation Better thermal barrier with no gaps, voids or compression
Insulated steel front doors and garage doors Attention to detail means better comfort & more durable entries
Building Feature Benefit to You
Sealed sill plate Seals a major air leakage source
Sealed plumbing & wiring holes No rain leaking into house & no conditioned air leaking out
Sealed roof rafters Prevents “heat stack” air leakage
Air seal caulking around windows, doors and joints Prevents drafts & energy leakage
Building Feature Benefit to You
Duct testing Ensures no unwanted leakage of conditioned air
Blower door testing Proves conditioned air will stay inside
Fresh air inlet adjusted Ensures the proper amount of healthy air inside
Room-to-room pressure adjusted & tested Keeps all rooms conditioned whether doors are opened or closed
Building Feature Benefit to You
ERV (Energy Recovery Vent) Fresh-air ventilation system Moves fresh air in and exhausts stale air out, throughout house, improves comfort & reduces odors. Retains up to 76% of energy and reduces humidity.
High efficiency pollen, dust & particle filtering (Pre filter, Ionizer, HEPTA filter, Filters 99.98% to .3Microns) 100 times more efficient than normal 1” filters
Homes slightly pressurized Holds pressure against outside unconditioned air
Room-to-room flow balancing All rooms receive the right amount of air, no hot or cold rooms
Bedroom return ducting Helps conditioned, filtered air to circulate & removes hot or cold spaces
Building Feature Benefit to You
Fresh filtered air Minimizes dust and pollen in the house to promote clean healthy environment for the whole family
Building Feature Benefit to You
Sub metering in garage Provide a sub meter that only records energy use of HVAC and ventilation system to determine the exact electrical usage of heating and cooling the home. (Great for resale.)
Tyvek House Wrap Providing the best balance of weather protection, moisture management and durability
Advanced framing Techniques Minimizing lumber waste and thermal bypass while increasing open areas for more insulation
100% OSB Sheathing Maximizes the structural integrity of exterior walls.
Engineered lumber, including trusses Maximum strength, minimum amount of wood
Minimal warping finger-jointed studs Straighter walls that stay straight & fewer nail pops
30-year manufacturer’s warranty on shingles Longer lasting roof, less burden on landfill
Building Feature Benefit to You
Graduate Master Builder
Knowledge, and Experience
Min 10 years experience
14 NAHB Approved classes
Mandatory continuing education Knowledge of the newest innovations and technologies in the building science industry
Provides 10-year Warranty, Bonded builders warranty Best warranty in the building industry

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